About Us

Natural food - because tastebuds don’t lie

Skinny Suddha is born out of a love.

Our values for people, environment, quality, ingredients and a value for money. We believe tastebuds don’t lie.

Richard is a chef and was Executive Chef at SriLankan Airline Catering for 5 years. His wife Jackie, completes the team as we up to open a chain of pastry and coffee shops with a specific concentration on our values.

Skinny Suddha want to alter and improve  the landscape of food supply in Sri Lanka. We supply fresh artisan breads and patisserie alongside bottled take-away items like soups, Arabic and Mediterranean Mezze.

Our wish is that you enjoy the selection and urge you to try the products.

Furthermore, we can highlight that we have no additives of any sort and want to to lower environmental footprints with our packaging, by using glass and paper. In line with this we make organic food and quality our motto. Says Richard

Our passion for the natural goodness of food and the quality of ingredients shine through in the taste. We want you to enjoy every morsel. “Tastebuds don’t lie” is our mantra.

Even our artisan baguettes, sourdough breads, croissants and pain au chocolat are handmade natural “pulled” crusty breads and pastries are all natural butter and use the finest French and European pâtisserie methods. Even the chocolate is 70 percent cocoa.

Soon “farm to table” concepts will lead to even greater things like freshness, elimination of pesticides and un-natural ingredients

In addition to this, Skinny Suddha is a firm supporter of animal rights and support a number of local charities where neutering is the fundamental belief.

Finally, we hope you take this journey with us.